He who has the MOST HIGH never needs to get high

He who has the Most High never needs to get highHe who has the MOST HIGH never needs to get high.

12 responses to “He who has the MOST HIGH never needs to get high

  1. Excellent play on words. People wonder why I don’t drink at all, and I tell them I prefer getting high on the Holy Spirit!

  2. I am a witness to that!!!! ❤

  3. So true! Obadiah Franklin told me that many times. Blessings from http://www.comfortatthecross.wordpress.com

    • ok, ya got me. im gonna have ot look up who obadiah franklin is.

      • haha! sorry, guess i should have explained. He is The Man in Red, that carries the cross all over the US and several other countries. He is actually my father in law. 😉

        • ok, I found a little bit about him. very interesting. praise the Lord. So he is your father in law? But the news articles said that his son — just like his wife — consider his work hogwash? Is that a different son, or your husband? sorry maybe the question is inappropriate. But I do enjoy making friends with Christians around the world and learning about other ministries. We all have struggles.

          • I am sure that is confusing. He has two sons from a previous marriage. My husband is the son of his current Wife. 🙂 We are very supportive of his ministry and love him dearly. And I too love to meet other Christians and support various ministries. Thank you for your interest. Wishing you the best. -Tara

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