Would it be rude?

too much Coca Colato suggest that you might want to stop drinking Coca-Cola? Not everything that tastes good or feels good is healthy for the body or the soul — even though calling sin sin is not popular.

*Original image: Pinterest.

12 responses to “Would it be rude?

  1. Tell it! 🙂

  2. A bit awkward, but you need to say it, for the person’s own good, like health issues.

  3. I agree with the statement, though I have trouble blaming Coca Cola specifically for obesity. With food, it’s generally a matter of quantity, pure and simple. With sin, it’s a matter of a heart that is either yielded or not yielded to God.

  4. Amen! I think today to call out sin and point to Jesus as our Savior from our sin and the guilt of our sin is a lost art.

  5. No it would not! Not so much the coca -cola, but any high fructose, carbonated beverage. In Jan I went from drinking daily carbonated drinks to drinking it once a week. There is a huge difference in my diet now. The crave for high fructose is gone and I have better control of when I CHOOSE to drink it. I hardly drink soda at all now.
    Beforehand, my immune system was used to morning, noon, night and late night high fructose. In the beginning I got sick trying to go “cold turkey”, so be careful. Also note, purified water helps.

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