The Lost Generation


The fateful stewardess from “Left Behind.”

Yes, all babies and children will be taken in the Rapture — as will all believing Christians.

It hit me as I was watching “Left Behind” with Nicolas Cage. Babies have no consciousness of sin, no guilt of sin, no need for forgiveness from God. As we grow up and grow aware of right and wrong and willfully chose wrong, we then need a Savior. If we refuse to receive Jesus, we don’t get right relationship with Jesus. We miss out.

Yes, I believe in the Rapture. I’m not going to treat the subject here. Suffice to say that the New Testament’s repeated warning that Jesus is coming like a thief in the night doesn’t seem to fit any other eschatological scenario. If you don’t believe, you will be left behind.

From all ages, people will be instantly resurrected to Heaven. But from one age — that of early childhood — all will be taken. That is the lost generation. There will be no children on earth within that age.

I am late in finally seeing this movie. Don’t be late in accepting Jesus into your heart as Lord and Savior.

12 responses to “The Lost Generation

  1. I avoided the movie due to Cage–I didn’t want to watch a mockery of something so fundamentally precious to my faith. It’s worthwhile?

  2. I had a dream once about the rapture. In the dream people were being divided. Then I saw what looked like a movie screen where different sins were being shown to us. As people felt conviction they went down on their knees and asked for forgiveness. In the dream, I told my husband if we wanted to be saved we had to do the same. I fell to my knee an instantly was taken up. I remember you could look down and see the other people still on earth. Everyone was hope that the others left on earth would do the same.

  3. As a Lutheran, I pretty much disagree with everything you said in your post. The rapture simply does not exist in scripture and is roughly the same age as Mormonism. However, I simply want to tackle your assertion that all little children will be taken up. Allow me to link you to two of my blog posts on this subject.

    Children do not get a pass –

    Is killing children merciful –

    • Hi Author, Thanks for sharing your opinion here. I appreciate that! I realize that by sharing my bent on Biblical apocalyptic literature, I am at risk of encountering disagreement. I really have no desire to argue my position. I’d rather give respect to yours. The trouble with all such “prophecy” is that it is impossible to know for certain. So I guess my major opinion is that everything is going to work out for those who believe in Jesus, regardless of what theory we subscribe to. Blessings!

  4. Also, every time I see that picture, I can’t help but feel the poor woman doesn’t realize that she does not have a cup of coffee in her hand. Oh, won’t she be disappointed when nothing comes to her lips.

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