Ha ha ha! Shakespeare modernized. Modernity Shakespearized.

hamlet shakespeare

Ok, so where can I find the whole play in Piraro comics? I love Hamlet and teach it to my students every year! I can’t wait to figure out if Hamlet will ever figure out what to do (his fatal flaw is paralysis by analysis).

It seems to me that modernity has thrown (tried to throw) so much doubt upon the Bible and Christianity as to induce indecision among the masses. Why accept Christ and life my life up with the Bible, if God doesn’t exist? if the Bible isn’t more than just literature? Etc?

Don’t be caught, like Hammy, undecided before it’s too late.

7 responses to “Ha ha ha! Shakespeare modernized. Modernity Shakespearized.

  1. Not a big fan of Shakespeare, but I like the cartoon. 😀

  2. Hehe great cartoon. The bard would have approved of it.:)

  3. Called brainwashing. The folks who control society now want to make it completely secular. They figure they can get by without any revealed religion stuff. So they are giving God’s people nearly a full court press (the total full court press will include extermination as in the case of roaches). Fusion leads to an explosion just as fission does. Compress the faith too much, and it will blow up in one’s faith. In this case, their faces and the whole world will be converted in the Third Great Awakening, taking the whole generation and continuing for a 1000 generations and reaching from one end of the universe to the other (mt.24:31). Always fun to pull the rip cord, when the other side things they are winning and their not.

  4. So Hamlet takes a multiple-choice test:
    1. 2B or not 2B
    2. A + B
    C. A, B, or C

  5. I suppose that a lot of people read only mentally, and not with their hearts …

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