When the world is in crisis, God is about to move.

world crisis | prayWhen the upheavals are great, when wars abound, when plague multiply, when evil is rampant, when good is called bad and bad is called good, don’t run off with your guns to hide in the wilderness.


The greatest revivals have been born out of the most trying times.

9 responses to “When the world is in crisis, God is about to move.

  1. Ah! How true. I have been praying for a Third Great Awakening, since 1973 when I was serving in the Sandy Creek Baptist Association, an organization born out of the labors of two men converted in the First Great Awakening un the Evangelist, George Whitefield, and which experienced the Second Great Awakening. I spoke to the Pastors’ Prayer meeting that Fall on the subject A Great Awakening, and it motivated me to begin praying for such a visitation. It is in times most desperate, times which seem utterly hopeless, that our Lord moves. Think of how the world, the flesh, and Satan seemed to have triumphed in the crucifixion. Think how wrong they were, when three days later He came forth from the tomb to the renewing and reviving of his people to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

  2. “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour” (Matthew 25:13).

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  4. Go see War Room!!!!!!!! When she prays in the movie you can feel heaven and earth shaking! Come Holy Spirit, pour upon all flesh! All eyes of the heart, open in Jesus’ Name above all names!!!!!!!! Thy kingdom come; they will be done on earth as it is in heaven, now and for ever and ever Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

  5. A sadly necessary admonition in these days, but joyfully valid nonetheless.

  6. Oh how I hope your words carry the burden of truth…
    I’ve been awaiting that 3rd Great Awakening for a while –
    but all I see is Churchianity and charlatanism mixed with merely human hysteria.

  7. Amen! I believe the bible even tells us to rejoice because these are just birth pangs. When a baby is about to be born, there is great rejoicing…well, except for the mom perhaps, but the rest of us are filled with delightful expectation. 😉

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