Forgiveness: it’s beautiful

forgiveIf it is hard to forgive, if it is necessary, we must also understand that it is beautiful.

It is a release of pain, thus a relief from pain. In theory, it is strange that we would retain pain. In theory, we want immediate relief, whether it’s a headache or a heartache. But such is the human condition that we hold onto the grudge, we remember the wrong suffered — even more, we sickly savor the memory.

I’m not pointing fingers. I myself struggle.

Think of that moment when you were speeding and a cop car lights up and blows its sirens behind you. Instantly, you sweat and start to pull over. But no, the cop goes on and pulls over somebody else. You feel joyful relief.

Forgiveness is even better than that.

Christianity is portrayed as condemning (sometimes we are to blame for this). In fact, we ought to be portrayed as forgivers, albeit imperfect forgivers.

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17 responses to “Forgiveness: it’s beautiful

  1. fine post, blessings

  2. “Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven,
    And whose sins are covered (Romans 4:7).

  3. I regularly use the figure of “letting go of the hurt,” opening my hands to illustrate, when talking about forgiveness, and say that unforgiveness is hugging the hurt to yourself, deepening it.

  4. Failure to forgive is like refusing to pull weeds; weeds sap vital nutrients from the soil and can, in time take over. If we don’t forgive, bitterness overtakes our hearts, depletes our strength and by the time we are old, bitterness has more prominence than anything else.

    We need to forgive for the sake of our hearts! And, of course, because God requires it!

  5. ‘Forgiveness’ – it’s easy to say but much harder to do. It’s easy to advice others but when it comes to our turn, well, in my own case, I fail almost every time…
    I’m still in search of my own inner peace as I’m still haunted by the awful memories of those people who hurt me badly… I’m wishing by loving myself truly, I could open my heart to forgiveness someday…

    Vivienne X

  6. Beautiful… Empowering post! … Thanks for sharing and best wishes. Aquileana 😉

  7. Thank you for sharing this insightful post.

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