Forgiveness: it’s difficult

ForgivenessThe most difficult thing on the face of the Earth is not proving string theory. It is not harnessing fusion energy. It is not finding a cure for cancer.

It is forgiveness.

Jesus cried out, in the midst of unimaginable pain on the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” I tend to think the knew very well what they were doing.

Stephen was being pelted unto death with stones. He did the same. “Don’t take this sin into account against them,” he prayed as he was being struck.

Can I forgive? Can you?

Christianity is not based on works. It is based on forgiveness. We are forgiven of our sins only for the asking.

Jesus asks us to forgive as best as we can those who have wronged us, and he does so most emphatically.

I think that all the rigmarole that blasts around the internet about how bad Christianity is misses its central tenet. Why is nobody talking about forgiveness? It is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is also the most difficult.

It is necessary. If you are going to have any semblance of human relations with people, you are going to need to master forgiveness.

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6 responses to “Forgiveness: it’s difficult

  1. Amen! Great minds think alike 😉

  2. I really liked this wonderful message which is how I believe our God would wish us to be, turning the other cheek, loving our neighbors as ourselves and forgiving other’s trespasses as we would have them forgive us. I am heading to bed and blessed with this loving message. Thank you.♡

  3. Forgiveness is a major issue in Japan for linguistic reasons, since the word for it sounds the same as “permission,” and most people don’t even know the character for “forgiveness.” I think that is a major reason for the weakness of the Church in Japan.

  4. So hard to do…but a must. Even if it takes time to walk through it.

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