Can’t clean trash with trash

trashThis may sound silly, but people try to clean up their mind, heart, anxiety, conflicts with — trash! What the world gives you is trash, through its sin and temptation. Inevitably, this brings problems to your life. Then going to the worldly therapist, or blocking out the world with worldly music, or drowning your sorrows in liquor, or self-medicating… you get the idea.

Only Jesus can clean your trash — and my trash. Let us return to the Bible, for therein we will find true answers and solutions.

7 responses to “Can’t clean trash with trash

  1. Amen! Life is everything you described and the light of Christ will bring clarity to those who seek it.

  2. Good point, and great to see you then point to Jesus as the solution!

  3. Absolutely! No matter how hard you try, it just won’t work. I like the way you put this together. A simple concept with a heavenly message.

  4. This one really speaks to my heart. I help people all the time who have tried to replace their trash with. . . . .more trash.

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