Want God’s presence? Try praising Him.


Psalm 22:3 says God inhabits the praises of His people. There is nothing to take away pain better in our lives than a loving embrace from God. Losing yourself in worship is an exhilarating, restorative experience. The next time you are in worship service, forget about the person who’s judging you. Forget about the argument you had with your husband coming into church. Lose yourself in praise.

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7 responses to “Want God’s presence? Try praising Him.

  1. Amen. Songs and music are truly so uplifting. đŸ™‚

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  3. Thank you! So Good! So God!! I experience what you wrote here, “Losing yourself in worship is an exhilarating, restorative experience.” I think Ruth Ward Heflin said it best, “we praise until we enter worship; we worship until the glory falls” We sing praise until we lose ourselves into worship: real communion; intimate oneness with God; absorbed into God; lost in LOVE; beyond words, thoughts, images, or feelings; where there is no more “me” and then the glory falls, his Presence overwhelms us, heals, delivers and sets us free!!!!!!!! God bless you! ~Yvonne

  4. This is a truth I first discovered around 40 years ago, and it’s no less true today. At the same time, I am disturbed by some churches that use music ans “special effects” manipulatively, relying on psychology rather than the Holy Spirit. Genuine praise brings the genuine presence of God.

  5. That’s “and,” not “ans.”

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