Why does God always get the blame?

act of God?They call it “Act of God” insurance, and it covers unforeseeable natural disaster. But I wonder why they blame God for bad and give no credit for the good. Why are 1,000 beautiful things in nature considered accidents of evolution?

In fact, God doesn’t exist for the atheist until he needs someone to blame for wars, massacres and disasters. Then He exists and gets blamed. But He gets no credit for the blessings of life, for love, for beauty, for bounty.

They turn God on like a light switch when evil happens. Then they turn Him off during years of wonderful things.

13 responses to “Why does God always get the blame?

  1. Thank you Lord, for never leaving or forsaking me. When I did not acknowledge you, the blessings flowed from you. I give you all the praise and glory!

  2. The term “act of God” has a special, legal meaning which has little to do with what God does or doesn’t do, other than historical allusion to the days when English-speaking society ascribed earthquakes and other natural events to divine agency. Look it up sometime in a legal dictionary. The main thing is that the term excludes causation of an adverse circumstance or loss by a human party which might otherwise be liable for tort.

  3. Will said brother well said

  4. Yes. I agree with you. We forget so many times to praise God for His bountiful blessings poured out in our daily lives. We are blessed to lay down at night, and then wake up in the morning. God kept us breathing during the night. We need to remember that along with the fact that we suffered no harm or danger when we were sleeping. It is all about Him–not about disasters.

  5. That terminology has always bothered me!

  6. Very very good point. It was Doug Wilson who said there’s two propositions an atheist believes in: 1.) There is no God. 2.) I hate God.
    I thought of that point when I saw this post.

  7. You don’t really think that atheists choose to believe in God during natural disasters, do you?

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