A sacrifice of praise is not a sacrifice

sacrifice of praiseThe Bible calls it a sacrifice because we offer it to the Lord as an expression of our gratitude. But it brings such joy that it is hard to think of it as a sacrifice. While it pleases God, it transforms the person who is praising.

*Original Image: Jason Ashimoto. I don’t own the rights. I’m not making any money on it.

6 responses to “A sacrifice of praise is not a sacrifice

  1. I do and don’t agree. It is indeed a blessing to praise God, and we always get out more than we put into it, but sometimes it is a real, major, effort to praise God. That’s when it can feel like Abraham sacrificing Isaac!

  2. I seriously just read another blog post on this topic. Here is the site if you are interested (I think she is from England.):
    It was quite good.

  3. So true. He inhabits our praises, so…how could we possibly lose?

  4. Amen! Puts it in perspective!

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