Drugs are destroying us

drugs destroying us

Artwork per Dan Luvisi. I don’t own the rights to this image, and I’m not making any money on it.

Every empire that has risen, has fallen — and the U.S. hegemony will be no exception. When historians refer to our downfall, surely the rise of atheism will be counted as the motor behind our growing corruption. I pray for revival to break out and return American into right relationship with God.

17 responses to “Drugs are destroying us

  1. Amen! I pray for revival, too.

  2. Amen Brother in Christ Jesus!! ILLEGAL drugs are killing many people, it’s satan controlled!

    Yes, We all NEED a Revival too Jesus Christ our LORD / KING / MESSIAH / SAVIOR!!

    Love Always and Shalom Everyone,

    Kristi Ann

  3. True Words! Prayer changes things!

  4. Too much farmakeia everywhere. It’s true.

  5. And I would add to the top of the list, a compromised and perverted Gospel that has people rejecting what they think is the real one.

  6. Amen… and Canada, too :-/ ♥ ❤

      • Amen… come Lord Jesus, come!
        Until last month’s election, we had an honourable, qualified leader who stood with Israel… But the Canadian mainstream media insisted and persisted in trashing Stephen Harper’s every breath… All the while praising Justin Trudeau and smoothing out his obvious and numerous flaws… As a Canadian, I am still stunned (and trying not to be angry) that this absolutely least qualified person now holds Canada’s top job! … As a Believer, I trust God is in control no matter what… but I sure don’t like or understand it! :-/ ♥ ❤

  7. I would offer that drugs are the symptom. And has been previously noted, the real void in people’s lives.

  8. There was once an ad campaign against smoking that featured famous people who were dying of lung cancer. Somehting like this needs to be donw with drugs. And also showing the carnage wrought in Mexico to supply our drug addicts here. As for revival, it begins with God’s people repenting of their sin. I don’t see much hope of that in America. https://spurgeonwarquotes.wordpress.com/

  9. This reminded me to pray for our country.

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