Silver bells? No, just the f-word.

holiday stressIn the Costco parking lot, a man yelled, “Get you ef-ing car out of here!” He could be heard pretty much all over the lot. He repeated himself. I guess he didn’t resort to blows because the driver who stole his space was a lady. This is what Christmas has become.

Inside Costco, a kid whined: “Why can’t we have a 75 inch television?” Ho ho ho.

I did my best to navigate the carts and get my groceries without getting into a fight. I’m really getting into the Christmas spirit.

Leaving the parking lot, a lady honked and yelled at a driver who she thought should have pulled a quick right on a yellow. Apparently, she was going to follow.

Jesus went to the cross for peace on Earth and good will to men. Our ever-increasingly secular society, however, is replacing the true Christmas spirit with materialism and hatred. When we shop during this season, we need more patience, not less.

10 responses to “Silver bells? No, just the f-word.

  1. My wife has been talking about maybe we need to take off to have a Christmas in America, but stories like this certainly give me pause!

  2. Amen! Amid all the hostility and frustration however, I ran into the loveliest man in the grocery store who just won Christmas with his good manners and lavish compliments. It was quite funny actually, I’m not even sure he was actually shopping. I’m pretty sure he just goes in to sample the snacks and talk to women 😉

  3. So true. The whole “overcome evil by doing good” is a challenge here. And on Black Friday, the opportunities are endless..

  4. So you got an unrequested demonstration of what put Jesus on the cross: selfishness, pride, etc. Not, in theory, what Christmas is about, but educational, nevertheless. Merry (real) Christmas!

  5. Amen, Mitch. Words of wisdom there. Many times I have said, ahh, so this is why Christ died for us.

  6. I totally agree with you…peace on earth. We lack love in so many areas. We must give our hearts back to our first love….Christ! #TisTheSeason

  7. jgarret not all of America is filled with scurrying, materialism and impatience. You could plan your jaunt to the good old USA in a more rural locale. Vermont is lovely. I’m sure it is not immune from all of this, but in these types of places it is easier to find the Christmas spirit. Let’s keep His love alive #TisTheSeason.

  8. Ugh! The whole Black Friday-thing needs to sink deep within the bowels of the earth, to snug up next to Dante’s Circle of Pride! It really is despairing! But I agree, that when you find a saintly salmon swimming against the raging current of gross manners, it is a treasured moment!

  9. It makes me sad, too, that many Christians dive right into the negativity, whining about a “war on Christmas” and the design of a Starbucks cup. Yesterday I saw a billboard that said “Happy Holidays,” but it had been crossed out and Merry Christmas was written over it. Really? How rude is that?
    Keeping Christmas in our hearts means respecting one another and praying for Christ’s unifying love — not adding to the divisions!

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