Crazy easy way to calm a fussy baby

Dr. Bob Hamilton shows in the video a simple hold that calms the crying infant right down. The video shows babies who just got shots. They immediately settle down.

Dr. Bob always helped me when I was on the mission field. He saw my kids for free when we came to Bible conference in Santa Monica. His Pacific Ocean Pediatrics attends to a lot of people, including the kids of the stars.

He stages clinics twice a year in Africa and elsewhere. His Lighthouse Medical Missions has done some 20 such free clinics in 20 years.

This technique for calming babies is so easy!

8 responses to “Crazy easy way to calm a fussy baby

  1. Wow. What a simple technique. Somedbody bring me a crying baby so I can try it 🙂

  2. Excellent, practical advice! So far I’ve not needed it for baby dedications, but I’ll keep it in mind!

  3. Wow…that was amazing…& they were so cute!

  4. The bottom line (pun!) is that a body in distress calms down with a firm, loving touch. Prayer is very much s Dr. Bob, isn’t it?

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