Why my son got injured

IMG_8402When Robert said he wanted to play football for the Lighthouse Christian Academy, a small Christian high school in Santa Monica, I responded no, no, no. NO WAY, JOSE!

But the school didn’t have enough players, and he really wanted to play. So I told him to work out hard, build up his muscles and terrifyingly signed the papers for him to play.

Eventually, I caught on to something much more important than sports. Football was a draw. It pulled people into our school and church — and hence also to Christ. Since it was evangelism, I could no longer front reservations because we give our all for Christ.

Actually, his first injury, over two years ago, came from soccer. His recovery was long. He got back into sports and was a key member of LCA’s football team. As a senior, he injured his other ACL. As I write this, the surgeon just told me that the operation went well.

Playing high school sports create lasting memories. But something more important is at work at our school. Students are being brought to salvation and discipleship (they learn discipline, effort, team work, responsibility and other biblical characteristics).

How can you say no to your kid participating in Christian school sports — whatever the sport?

12 responses to “Why my son got injured

  1. It’s kinda like allowing your teen to go on a mission trip into the Darian Jungle of Peru, or smuggle Bibles into China from Hong Kong (which I didn’t find out about until later…). Teen Mania is terrific, but it’s still somewhat, you know, it’s a parent thing. Well done, dad.

  2. Blessings to by our son. I pray for a speedy recovery for this young man.

  3. It’s scary being a parent these days. I suppose it always has been. I’ve always prayed, “Dear Lord, if my kids have to get injured, could you make sure they’re doing something they love? Better yet, something You love.”

    I don’t want any kids to get hurt, but it’s the pointless and wasteful violence that really breaks my heart.

  4. Tough choice. We didn’t let our son play football but thought Ultimate Frisbee would be safe. After PT, surgery, and concussions, we think maybe it would have been better to play with padding! Hope your son heals quickly.

  5. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  6. I hope he feels better soon.

  7. Those bumps and cuts are part of boyhood to manhood. Of course no one appreciates serious injury but all of us are in the hands of God and everything turns out just as it was supposed to be.

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