On the video of Christians condemning the Koran only to find out the passage read was Bible

michael ashcraft

Just me.

Almost always, the end of the book concludes the story. There is character and theme development that only makes complete sense when you get to the final chapter.

This is acutely important with the Bible: Jesus is the conclusion of the matter. He is the “new covenant” prophesied by Jeremiah. With Him, significant portions of the Old Testament hit their expiration. Hence, Christians no longer offer animal sacrifice nor observe dietary prohibitions.

And they don’t massacre. In fact, Christ told his followers to turn their cheek when struck, to pray for their enemies, to not resist their enemies. Inaugurating the new covenant, Christ’s followers suffered endless persecution at the hands of the Romans. They were mauled by animals in stadiums and held worship services in the catacombs. If Christ was a revolutionary, his was not an uprising with arms.

It seems a lot of observers are giddy with the trick video making the rounds in which Christians are first told their being read a passage from the Koran. They condemn “oppressive” religion. Then the trickster shows his hand: Sorry, the passage was from the Old Testament. I guess they think this is proof that all religions are equally evil.

I’m not surprised that a lot of Christians don’t know their Bible well enough to recognize the cited passages. They don’t have to. We are saved by faith, not by holding a degree in Bible knowledge. If these Christian sound outraged by the passage, it is because it resonates with the horrors of the news perpetrated by Islamic extremists.

It doesn’t resonate with the practices of Christianity. We get people out of alcoholism all around the world. We build hospitals, care for the untouchables, staff schools for inner city kids. We don’t wage wars; Ephesians specifically proclaims: We don’t have struggle against flesh and blood. The crusaders were motivated by money, always the true cause of war. If they did have some vestige of Christianity, it wasn’t authentic to the Master who sent his disciples out two by two to preach, heal and free people from demonic oppression.

The trouble with this video is it’s complete lack of sincerity. I’m sure its producers are not so ignorant of the simple truth the end of just about any book is the dramatic conclusion. It would be completely senseless to cut off the end of Hamlet, Farewell to Arms or Moby Dick. The story would be meaningless. So why are they filming Christians who know the end but mess up middle details? Surely, the videos producers cannot be so stupid.

I’m afraid it’s just another shameless attempt to shame Christians, to degrade our faith, to try to make all religions equal. If you want to expose the evil of a religion, don’t ask the guy on the street. Ask the experts. And don’t pull pranks on unsuspecting people that you wouldn’t want pulled on you.


13 responses to “On the video of Christians condemning the Koran only to find out the passage read was Bible

  1. Only the HOLY BIBLE is our True GOD’S LIVING WORD!!

    Merry CHRISTmas Everyone!!

    Love ❤ Always and Shalom,


  2. The devil uses every trick he can come up with, so we need to be on our guard and always speak the Truth in love.

  3. Sadly, “What you say flows from what is in your heart.” Luke 6:45. It’s usually pride that makes human nature want to be correct in all things. Our Lord listened (and urges us not to jump to conclusions but to wait on the Lord.) If one does so, Truth and Wisdom as well as kindness, understanding and direction will follow. The devil is dancing with joy over this. What a learning experience for al of us, thank you. Blessings,

  4. Christians can be so ignorant. It makes me cringe. And I am one…

    I too am ignorant of many things. God have mercy.

    Still – I think I could recognize OT passages as long as they did not doctor the wording too much, or use some obscure version.

  5. The Isaiah 53:5 Project

    I saw this video on an atheist blog the other day and the comments were amazing. There was a lot of backslapping in the comment section and the non-believers sincerely thought these Dutch video producers actually made a great point about how awful the Bible is and Christians are just too dumb to know the real truth.

    Irony here is that the very same people who are giddy about this video and it’s supposed point know very little about scripture themselves.

    Seriously, pulling passages out of context to stump people in a secular country? The premise and the video itself are absurd, every sensible atheist should admit it.

    I pray constantly for the lost, this video and what is says about humanity is a good reason why.

  6. Praise God there is no evil to expose in Christ! The degree of evil in any person is the degree to which they don’t deny themselves, pick up their cross, and follow Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. God has provided every person everything we need for being holy as He is holy, perfect as He is perfect in and through His Son, Jesus Christ, come to save the world, not condemn it. Hallelujah!

  7. I have not seen the video in question, but knowing the Scriptures, all of the Scriptures, as you noted, will cause a person to think properly.

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