Harming children

7e77618403045b167b4ec3fb88d10cc8The worst crime is the one done against children because they are defenseless. They are born to innocence and play. They believe in the good nature of everyone and cannot understand evil. To deprive them of love, warmth and goodness, to destroy their innocence is the worst of evils.

Pip has been wronged. Miss Havisham set him up to fall in love with Estella, and she did this only to delight in seeing him be heart-broken. This evil design she perpetrated since his childhood in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.

At the end of her life, she begs forgiveness. Her usually air of superiority gets dashed. She abandons all noblewoman’s dignity and shockingly falls to her knees to cry in repentance. Her money, her family, her nobility mean nothing. The only thing now is to be granted forgiveness. She feels the full horror of what she did too late. Pip does not withhold the forgiveness for a second.

We have all be wronged as children. Born with sin in our nature for Adam’s fault, we all wake up eventually to the attractions of temptation and become sinners. Jesus has come to restore the innocence, the beauty, the joy of life.

6 responses to “Harming children

  1. My heart hurts when I think about the harm and neglect that children face daily in home, schools, religious institutions, etc–even the unintentional injuries to their spirits. We, humanity, need to educate ourselves on how to nurture the entire child. Once we do that we’ll be less likely to inflict any intentional or unintentional harm. Save the babies! Thank you for sharing this love. ♥ Egypt

  2. Isn’t it fascinating, in light of your above post, that Jesus tells us we must become like little children, and then we spend the rest of our adult lives allowing Him to do just that in us????

  3. A little-discussed truth.

  4. What a great photo and an exquisitely beautiful child! Is the photo yours? 🙂 ❤

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