Look up

sky poolThe latest rage is no longer glass bridges and glass platforms extended out from skyscrapers or canyon edges over the hair-raising expanse. The latest rage is sky pools. But only the wealthiest can enjoy them.

I think it’s as much to show off as the thrill of swimming in the air: not just feeling like Superman but flaunting Super Riches.

It’s pretty cool to look up and admire the architectural beauty in the sky.

Look up to the architectural beauty of Heaven. If earthly opulence is out of your reach, heavenly riches are within it. The pricelessness of Heaven is incalculable price free to you and me because Christ paid with his life.


8 responses to “Look up

  1. Such majesty in the “architectural beauty of Heaven.” Thank you for the forever-encouraging post.

  2. Well written! So glad the blood of Jesus has translated me into the realms of those who are destined to enjoy the riches of heaven!

  3. I would be absolutely terrified in this thing even if I was getting baptized in it. Glad we Presbyterians just sprinkle.

  4. Then one’s sins really would be washed away.

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