He taught me to return shopping carts

my friend channingAfter 35 years of not seeing my old friend, Channing and I got together. He found me on the internet. He’s face has changed, but his have-fun life philosophy remains the same. My face is the same and so is my faith.

Channing taught me to do a good deed every day. That lesson has stayed with me all these years.

We were two 12-year-olds heading off to Thrifty’s for ice-cream or candy. It was about a mile walk. Channing grabbed a straggler shopping car to push it home.

“Come on, Channing, leave it,” I said. “It’s gonna slow us down. It’s not your problem.”

His simple reply stuck with me all these years.

Sure, why not. I have time and energy. I can do a good deed. There is reward inherent in doing things not for a reward.

Now everybody leaves their shopping cars right where they parked their cars (here in Los Angeles). It used to be that people returned them to the corral for the supermarket guy to take in to the store, but people are more self-centered than decades ago. I always try to grab one or two and roll it up to the front of the store. I can do this. It doesn’t require much time or effort. Do a good deed just because.

After years of doing this thankless good deed, someone finally thanked me.

I have Channing to thank for the lesson.

9 responses to “He taught me to return shopping carts

  1. Ha! I too am a compulsive shopping cart returner. I can’t explain it beyond, “God said.” Every single time too, as in “but Lord it’s snowing out!” Doesn’t matter, put the cart back. 😉

  2. I can’t understand why some people don’t return the cart to its proper place.

  3. He sounds like my husband. He will pick up trash on the beach and always go the extra mile for others. Great inspiration for me!

  4. I agree. I know many of the kids who have to go collect these as part of their courtesy clerk duties. I try to think I’m personally making their day a little easier by herding in stragglers.

  5. Sheila Scorziello

    Sounds like my husband too. He even wipes the counters in public bathrooms. But he doesn’t do shopping carts. We have to put a 1 or 2 Euro coin in them to get them. So folks ALWAYS take their cart back! But we often let the immigrants/refugees do this for us, and keep the money of course! This was a great reminder to do right just because… Thanks!

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