Sprinkles of delight

sprinkle cakeQuite unexpectedly I fell in love with sprinkles on the Christmas cake this year. There’s something delightful about the crunch on the soft white frosting.

I usually run AWAY FROM treats. I run TO the gym. But it’s Christmas, a time of celebration of Jesus’ birth. So I’m letting myself go a little bit and enjoying things I usually avoid.

The problem with America’s obesity is the problem with America’s morals. We want too much too often. We can never say no. We cannot stay with what is good for us. God made sex for marriage, for example. And we want sprinkles on everything and all year round.

Here’s the message America needs: we need to enjoy God-given pleasures within God-given limits.

2 responses to “Sprinkles of delight

  1. “I run TO the gym….”

    Wait…. what?? Who does that?

    I’m just teasing you. Kind of sad, in the US we seem to grow more and more confused about what “pleasure” really is. Sometimes I talk to people and they speak of drinking too much, how sick they got, as if this was something fun. We have a way of trying to turn what is actually miserable into the illusion of pleasure, and what is pleasurable into the illusion of misery.

  2. So true, and something I’m finally getting some victory over! It only took me 68+ years 😦 Trouble is, we all thought it was just good healthy food, back in the ’50’s and ’60’s. Took us a while to realize sugar is an enemy of good health.

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