You’re saying your pregnant and you haven’t had sex?


Yeah, right.

What about Joseph’s faith? He had to have A LOT of faith to marry Mary, to believe that she hadn’t fooled around and been unfaithful. When Mary got pregnant, he knew that he was not the father. One tends to assume the worst, the obvious, faced with such circumstances.

Even with the angel telling him, Joseph would doubt. Was the vision a nightmare, a hallucination? What would his friends think?

Joseph needed tons of faith too.

People tend to look at the Christmas story as an aw!-moment. But there was real angst. It wasn’t easy to bring the Savior to the world. Not for Joseph.

If you’re going through a crisis during Christmas, Joseph did. Be encouraged and keep faith.

Note: Apologies to the actress whose picture I use. No slander against her. I searched for “Mary,” and this image came up.

4 responses to “You’re saying your pregnant and you haven’t had sex?

  1. That is a very good blog and I would be one who would be flummoxed by her pregnancy. Great faith, indeed.

  2. I certainly believe the Lord can supernaturally impregnate a nubile teen –
    speaking of which… that is one foxy girl whose face you posted.
    I don’t even want to know who on earth she is. ☺

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I have been expressing to my girls that the Christmas story is so much more than just Jesus was born in a stable. It was real people that were scared and upset and amazed and it was a miracle foretold so long before this ever happened! Thanks again for sharing this insight!

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