Don’t ditch it

marriageMarriage is worth the work, the heartache, the pain.

We study thousands of hours for our careers. But we don’t want to spend any time preparing or repairing our marriage — and yet a good marriage is by far a better source of happiness than a career!

Some are so impatient they are floating alternative models: shacking up, equality marriages. The message is always the same: it’s just as good.

It is not.

One has the solid foundation of the Bible. The other has no foundation. It is a hastily-erected hut on dirt. It will stand and look pretty but won’t withstand an earthquake.

Love is worth it.

Many of my blogging friends have faced divorce. In order to succeed, marriage requires 100% of both — and yours collapsed because only you were giving 100%.

Remarry. Give happiness another shot. Give your 100% to another person.

The first “institution” was not the church. Nor was it government. God instituted marriage from the very creation.

Don’t ditch it.

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11 responses to “Don’t ditch it

  1. Thank you. Trying to navigate the question of polygamy in the Old Testament. Got any suggestions??

    • A few rules of interpretation help (hermeneutics):
      1. Rule of first mention. The first mention of something in the Bible governs all subsequent mentions in terms of interpretation. God made one woman for Adam. He said specifically one for one.
      2. Jesus always interprets the Bible correctly. Jesus specifically mentions one man should have one wife.
      3. The New Testament crowns the entire Bible and thus interprets it correctly. Paul says “husband of one wife” as an ideal.

      After those hermeneutic keys, we can see in all the Old Testament that God seems to overlook a lot of things that are not his perfect will. We see wars and even massacres. God told Moses that the king should not accumulate riches Deut. 17:17-19, and yet 2 kings seems to celebrate when Solomon does exactly this. I believe that polygamy was one such imperfection that God chose not to confront while focuses on more important issues.

      Secondly, in every single case of polygamy, we see it is a PROBLEM for the people involved. It is never portrayed as a blessing. There is not a single instance where it is an ideal that works happily.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Great reminder in these days when marriage is treated with such contempt. God has a plan in marriage and that plan is good for all of society!

  3. Today is our 34th year of marriage! It is indeed a Happy New Year!

  4. When marriage is devalued, everything else is too. Roe v. Wade didn’t happen until divorce had become “acceptable.” I don’t advise people to stay in dangerous, abusive situations, but too many people jump ship simply because they are “offended,” for one reason or another. That was exactly the situation Jesus was speaking to in Matthew 19, when He said that man should not divide what God has put together. Marriage is hard work, but it’s more than worth it!

  5. My wife will celebrate anniversary #31 in March. There have ben trying times…REALLY trying times. But we never gave up on each other. May I suggest my first ever blog post, “True Love”?

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