Meanwhile we throw away a stadium full of food every day

food waste

The Huffington Post reports that Americans dump daily enough food to fill a stadium. What wasters we are.

Meanwhile, malnutrition plagues Africa, Asia and Latin America. Ugh. I hate waste. Yes, I’m one of those annoying people who tells his kids to eat everything on their plate. And the wise-alecks who tell me to send it in the mail to Africa, I wana sock ’em. (Yes, my faith goes on hold momentarily).

We don’t have a lot of money, but I always try to have plenty of food on hand in case anybody is hungry. We live on the same property as our Christian high school in Santa Monica, and most of the time that means hungry teens can traipse into my house, open up the fridge and help themselves — the only requirement for them is to clean up afterwards and NOT waste.

What can we do to eliminate waste and help the hungry?

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11 responses to “Meanwhile we throw away a stadium full of food every day

  1. Only buy and cook what you can eat… often our eyes are too big and we fill the plate. Never go shopping hungry and put less on your plate … as this is also good for your health. I do not like to throw food away, and I find supermarkets have to much of a choice.

  2. This post of yours in particular really stands out to me today because I was up late–at first, due to restlessness. But as I started to pray in the spirit, I was reminded of a homeless man I was compelled to help.

    I was living and working the summer of 2009 in Santa Cruz County at a Special Needs camp in Boulder Creek. I took weekend turnover with some friends in San Fran, which is where I met him.

    I do not recall his name, but all he wanted was food–didn’t ask me for money (which is the usual reason most folks do not even acknowledge homeless folks).

    I was discouraged from helping him, but I went into the closest place I could find that sold fruit and water and got him some stuff.

    I truly believe God’s love is the answer to your question. Abba’s love compels us and guides us and it’s perfect, casting out all fear. Receiving His love comes with His Spirit who leads us into all truth and shows us things to come.

    There are many people, Christians even, who do not believe my answer is practical enough but I believe it’s quite essential.

    When I remembered that man and the utter thankfulness on his face the thought that followed was a question: What if we (Christians, the Body of Christ) were to let the Holy Spirit help us to focus in on just one person at a time?

    This led to a Holy Spirit inspired daydream, if you will. I was in a city with a crowd of people, most of which tune out to the issue of homelessness in their city, and a homeless man asked for food. A couple of us found a diner and took him there. I prayed for him, holding his hands, and told him that he is worth loving, he is worth fighting for, and that he matters. God loves him.

    Sowing our time into a relationship that the love of God compels us to is sure to reap a good harvest.

    Thanks for following Land. I am enjoying your blog greatly. Many of your posts are drawing the truth out of me as I read them and encouraging me through a difficult season.

    God bless you!

    • Thanks for this. Last summer I was at a McDonald’s prepping for a job interview later that morning. A bedraggled fellow sighed heavily. Tearing myself away from my resume’, I asked if he was OK. I ended up buying him a McD’s breakfast, helping him find a homeless shelter, and lunch at a cafe’. He cried at the kindness and assurance that God loves him and will see him through his troubles. I still pray for. And I realized I was never supposed to have that job. God simply got me the interview to get me to him that morning.

      • Ok. Well, I hope you can believe this. There was way more to the daydream vision. I had a friend on my mind. He lives in Chicago and do I guess it was set there because he was on my mind and I don’t know. Anyway, in the day dream it was like late night bar crowd time of hour and I don’t know Chicago. This is the part…the first place my mind went was a McDonald’s because it’s usually 24 hours, but I don’t know the layout of Chicago and if there’s be one close by so I just assumed it was some sort of diner. Praise be to God!!! Thanks so much for sharing this. My jaw literally dropped open and I gasped!

    • I have many similar experiences. As I drive around doing my errands I ask God to show me who He wants to provide for. It’s scary at times but often rewarding

  3. To reduce waste: Eat your left-overs, whether you have a taste for them in a couple days or not. Use a list when grocery shopping, and do it on full stomach! Cook more, use processed foods less. I love crock pots and fresh meats & veggies.

    To help the poor, well, Matt 26:11 – “For you have the poor with you always…” Ephesians 2:10 – “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” The poor are our opportunity to do God’s work. Why? Faith and good works are a self-reinforcing cycle. Do good on faith. Find faith rewarded and be motivated to do more. Whether it’s buying a stranger a meal at McDonald’s, giving a ride to someone dragging themselves down the shoulder of the road. Look for the small stuff. Don’t let swinging for the fence get in the way of the base hits!

  4. That is very generous of you.

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