Artists reflect God

artists reflect GodWhen the Bible says humans are made in the image of God, it does NOT mean God has a body (with armpits, boogers, ingrown toenails, etc.) It means we have the potential to imitate His superior attributes.

Today I want to praise artists and challenge everybody to create. Among His qualities, God is Creator. Whether it be music, photography, painting, sculpting, dancing or (my favorite) writing, be like God and use your imagination. Delight, tantalize, surprise.

At the same time, I want to say there is no artist as good as God. Whether it be a sunset or a canyon, human beauty or animals, God is the artistic winner.

Image: something that inspired me from pinterest.


6 responses to “Artists reflect God

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  2. That’s why I love being a photographer, recording God’s artistry.

  3. Nice picture. What a privilege artists have to reflect God in their creativity!

  4. Another perception is that when “man is made in the image of God” it means that we exist in God’s imagination (being the physical universe itself). Thus when we dream and imagine ourselves, we experience the reality of God.

  5. Where is the credit for this artist though?

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