Prayer is a journey from pain

tree tunnelIf we didn’t feel pain, I don’t suppose we would pray. Not until we hit anguish do we remember our limitations and God’s limitlessness. So prayer, then, is a journey from pain to pleasure, from bruises to blessings, from hits to happiness.

If pain is the starting point, however, the journey doesn’t have to be painful. After all, we leave pain behind.

We need to see prayer less like instant answers and more of a pathway. Some hikes are short and easy, others long, still others strenuous. I don’t know about you, but I like hikes of all sizes and shapes. In fact, I haven’t met a hike I didn’t like yet.

Regardless, it is the destination that makes you forget about the process of getting there. Once you reach happiness, all previous pain is pretty much forgotten. Part of knowing how do I pray is staying on the path towards happiness.

5 responses to “Prayer is a journey from pain

  1. Whose happiness, mine or the Lord’s?

  2. True to a degree, but prayer is so much more than cries for help. God intends prayer to be intimate fellowship with Him, not only in requests but especially in praise and gratitude.

  3. Well said! I think prayer is a way to reach into yourself, become naked and bring all that you hide out in the open, see them for what they are and deal with them. We all owe ourselves a time out from running, pretending, masking our fears, pain and guilt and who better to do it in front of than the Creator! 🙂

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