The lonely


My son plays Javier foosball

Inviting the lonely over is my joy. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, we hosted people from the church who had no where to go. My heart goes out to the hurting. All throughout junior high and high school, I was lonely.

Now it is richly rewarding to ease others’ pain. Human beings need contact, friendship, acceptance, affirmation. This is the way the church works and builds.

When rejection takes the place of acceptance, the church becomes dysfunctional. Jesus dined with the hated and the outcasts — with prostitutes and tax-collectors. He touched the untouchables — the lepers. He condemned the Pharisees, who condemned everybody but themselves. We should take a note from the Bible and not become like the Pharisees.

At Christmas they gave me a mini-foosball. (To me!? A 48-year-old man, they gave a toy??) And you know what? It’s pretty fun. Who’s up for a match? Come on over. You are welcome here.

8 responses to “The lonely

  1. It would be a treasure to be your next door neighbor. God bless you and family. Loneliness is a desperation, and how amazing God can take your past pain and turn it into someone’s present blessing.

  2. God bless you brother. What an encouragement.

  3. May our God continue to bless you richly as you go about being the hands and feet of our Lord.

  4. I am very happy to read this. You are such a nice person and you are doing great thing. Like @dawnlizjones said it would be a pleasure to be your next door neighbor. God Bless you!

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