The power of a whistle

IMG_8992We won because I had the whistle. Coach Mefford and I split reffing duties while playing, but he doesn’t like to carry a whistle. We were winning 5-4, and the other team kept pressing for the equalizer. I was really tired at central defender. It was 12:15, and I had told parents we would be done a noon. Some parents were craning their necks at us as if to say, When are you guys going to be done?

But mostly I wanted to win. So I tweeted the long, plaintive toot that marks the end of the game. That’s how I made sure when we won.

That was the day I learned the power of the whistle. It is authority. It is a way to guarantee your calls are obeyed. Nobody can argue against a whistle.

Such a small thing, but 21 players obeyed and walked to the parking lot to clap out mud from their cleats.

Do you realize the authority you have as a Christian? Humanity lost authority in the Garden of Eden. Then Jesus came to get it back. Incredibly, He gave it back to us. But many Christians don’t use prayer or faith. They let the devil bully them around. There is the whistle, promises in the Bible, hanging around their necks. All you need to do is pinch it, pucker and puff.

Hey, to pray, you don’t have to bow head or knee. You don’t have to fold your hands. You don’t have to shout or break a sweat. You can pray in your head. And God will respond — always. Maybe He doesn’t act WHEN or HOW we want, but He responds in our benefit — invariably.

I always keep a whistle and a prayer handy.

How do I pray? Just do it.

12 responses to “The power of a whistle

  1. I continue to feel a vast ignorance of prayer, even though prayer is a major part of my life. Why would the Creator listen to us? How do we exercise His authority? Those and many more questions have been debated for centuries, but the fact is, Jesus tells us to pray, and prayer works. That’s enough for me, even as I am learning more and more of prayer as I pray.

  2. Amazing powerful tool.Blessings.

  3. Good stuff. Great picture of using the whistle of authority. I used to teach college speech classes. One trick to help with nerves; if you’re standing up front, you have the authority of the stage. People ASSUME you know what you’re doing. Use that authority to get yourself going. I like the whistle picture – both for the authority and also blowing the whistle of warning, an alarm. That’s mostly what Christians are to do, warn people away from the coming destruction and toward God.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful reminder that we have both power and authority in and through Christ Jesus! God bless you always!!!

  5. Good illustration for prayer!

  6. Retweeted! Wonderful reminder!

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