Keep praying

keep prayingIt’s been more than a decade that Eddy visited us in Guatemala. Since then, my wife, kids and I were forced to return to the States and have been serving in the local church. His sister and mom remained faithful; Eddy was off doing something else.

Who popped up recently?

Yeah, it’s another motivation to keep praying for those people even when years are grinding on, even when you don’t see any tangible hope. The Spirit moves in invisible realms.

11 responses to “Keep praying

  1. You have no idea how this encouragement has been on my heart so much lately. God is arranging things (like for Jonah) and is working behind the scenes–I trust Him for that. Thanks soooo much for this little post! It’s powerful.

  2. More often than we like, we have to release people to God and just pray for them. Like the father in the Prodigal Son story, chasing them down isn’t the answer, but neither is giving up on them. God is faithful.

  3. Daniel Peterson

    Oh, really? I don’t believe in what I can’t see.

  4. Mike Ashcraft, aka the secret tickler of Spiritual Truths.
    It’s encouraging how you take Eddie’s story and relate it as an answer to relentless prayer.

  5. What a testimony. This encouraged me to pray for those whom we’ve ministered to in the past.

  6. Hi, I have followed you back here as a response on my e-mail that you were following me. Thank you. Hope to see you often.

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