David Bowie became a Christian?

david bowieIn the months before he succumbed to cancer, David Bowie, the moré-smashing hedonist who resonated with a generation of young people, reconsidered the God he flouted most of his life as a rocker iconoclast.

As his life ebbed away quietly in the grips of end-stage liver cancer, there were signs the 69-year-old titan of rock and rebellion found peace with the Creator.

“He reassessed everything when he was terminally ill a year ago,” a family friend told the Sun UK. “He concluded there was something greater than all of us, and that may be some version of what others might call God. This was probably quite comforting. He certainly wasn’t scared of death.”

david bowie christianWhile he mostly abused drugs and lived like a libertine, Bowie searched through Buddhism, Satanism and Nietzsche’s existential philosophy for the balm to the raging angst in his soul. At one point he quipped that he had even tried to make a religion out of pottery and finally settled on singing as his faith of choice.

Still the London-born glam rock pioneer was searching. In an interview in 2003, he recognized he could never utterly reject faith. “I’m not quite an atheist,” he said. “I’m almost an atheist. (But) all the clichés are true. The years really do speed by. Life really is short as they tell you it is. And there really is a God.” Found out if it’s true: David Bowie Christian?

10 responses to “David Bowie became a Christian?

  1. I’m giving a “like” or a “thumbs up” for the pics — GORGEOUS. I don’t know how I feel about both your post and the article, but you always make me think. And for that, I’m grateful…

  2. We obviously won’t know if Bowie accepted Christ until we get to Heaven but the sinners everyone points the finger at are closer to salvation than the self-righteous.

  3. It is my experience that Satan targets musicians perhaps more than any other gifting, because music was created by God for His glory, and Satan wants to corrupt that. The more talented the musician, the more they need our prayers, and that goes doubly for those who are in music ministry.

  4. There are no atheists on the battlefield…if only more people would realize that life is a battlefield. It shouldn’t take an illness to make that so apparent.

    • yes. when we are young and full of life, we flout God. What need for Him? Just deny Him and sin! But when death approaches, we either stubbornly and pridefully retain our old ideas (as Christopher Hitches apparently did) or we succumb to reality (as David Bowie did).

  5. Love to hear stories like this; stories of hope and the power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit to change lives and hearts.

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