Not once but kidnapped twice by jihadists

beatriceMuslim extremists allegedly kidnapped Beatrice Stockly, a missionary from Switzerland in Mali, for the second time in the last four years.

Stockly was snatched from her home near Timbuktu Jan. 8 by armed men in pickup trucks. Though no group has claimed responsibility, it is believed that the perpetrators are one of the militant Islamic groups that operate in the region.

In April 2012, Stockly was kidnapped from her home in Abaradjou, a district of Timbuktu frequented by armed jihadists. Neighboring Burkino Faso negotiated her release after 10 days. She returned to Switzerland for a while but ultimately felt called by God to return to Mali, despite the dangers.

“It’s Timbuktu or nothing,” she said to family, according to a report by the World Watch Monitor (WWM).

Stockly first moved to Timbuktu in 2000 when she worked for a Swiss church. More recently she has worked alone, unaffiliated with any church. WWM reported she led an austere life, selling flowers and handing out Christian literature. She focused mostly on women and children, talking to them and sharing about Jesus.

Christians have suffered persecution in the region from Islamists. In the last three months, two separate attacks have been staged against Christians. A brutal assault on a Christian radio station just before Christmas left 25 dead. A month earlier, 22 people were killed at the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako.

In 2012, extremists effectively banned the practice of any religion other than Islam. They desecrated and looted churches. Many Christians fled the region, but Stockly remained undaunted.

Now she has been kidnapped again.

“We are shocked to see what happened,” Dr. Mohamed-Ibrahim Yattara, President of the Baptist Church in Mali, told WWM, speaking about the spiraling violence and uncertainty. “We are trying to find out what happened, but for now we don’t have any explanation.”

In effort to bring security and peace to the region, the Mali government signed a peace treaty with the main Jihadist group, the Tuareg, in June 2015. But the accord appears to have been fruitless, WWM reported, noting that security forces and UN peacekeepers have been targeted.

Stockly’s abduction is believed to be the first against a foreigner since the kidnapping and killing of two French journalists, Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon, in the northeastern town of Kidal in November 2013, WWM reported.

This article, originally published in God Reports here, was written by my journalism student, Anthony Gutierrez, at the Lighthouse Christian Academy.

22 responses to “Not once but kidnapped twice by jihadists

  1. I pray for God’s divine protection on this great woman of God… Hopefully she would be miraculously released.

  2. Praying for her release unharmed and the conversion of her captors.

  3. Very shocking… May God protect her and she returns safe and sound.

  4. Sadly, such stories appear with increasing frequency, and there are thousands more we never hear about. We’ve got to remember that there can be no question that ultimately, we win! We can participate in that victory even now, through prayer on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and prayer for repentance on the part of those who persecute them.

  5. May she be freed and God protect her.

  6. Wow I’m praying. So sad.

  7. Reblogged this on RG's 2 Cents and commented:
    Thanks to Mustard Seed Project for this report of a modern Christian persecuted for The Gospel.

  8. My heart goes out to her and my prayers go up for her. Jesus, please protect that brave and dauntless servant of Yours. Thank You, Jesus.

  9. The eyes of this world view all Christians as threat because of who we represent. It is an amazing faith that that woman, even after being kidnapped once already, decided to go back!
    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I have no doubt that You will use this situation to make Your name glorified in the eyes of those who oppose You. May You oh Lord bless your servant and keep her from harm. May our Lord Jesus Christ touch the hearts of her abductors just as He touched the heart of the jailer who held once the apostle Paul in the Book of Acts. In all things, may God’s will be done and may we all praise His name. In Jesus name. AMEN

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