All you need is a little bit

P8112143A little light can be seen in much darkness.

One drop of blood is enough for a shark to smell a quarter of a mile away.

Don’t ever discount your impact or potential for Christ. God can use small things to overcome huge things.

The darkness doesn’t quash the light. To the contrary, the darker it is, the greater the light is seen.

10 responses to “All you need is a little bit

  1. What an amazing post and a perfect analogy. I love this! No wonder my life often feels like a feeding frenzy in shark infested waters. 😉

  2. Brilliant! RT’d and FB’d! Thank you!

  3. Comforting words of hope.

  4. Awesome! Truth. Love the idea of how God multiplies our little into His abundance. It is encouraging.

  5. Thank you I needed that encouragement today

  6. Amen! Straightforward truth!

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