Ha ha ha! Orange marmalade has ‘wires’

Orange-marmalade1The pungent and sweet taste of orange marmalade is one I missed as a missionary in Guatemala. So when we got back to the U.S. a few years ago after 16 years abroad, I got it, and I shared it with my youngest son. To put it mildly, Hosea didn’t like it.

“Dad! It tastes like it has wires!” He was somewhere between aghast and livid. He believed it was his duty to inform me what I didn’t know. The rind gratings — um — were grating to his palate.

Of course, I cracked up. For his ingenuousness, thinking I didn’t know it had rind gratings. For his descriptiveness.

This is how I feel when newbie leaders want to give me a lecture on spirituality. When does the senior ever let the freshman tell him how to play varsity football? You have to take things with humor or it can be a discouraging thing coming back into your mother church. And you gotta enjoy the orange marmalade despite what people say.

13 responses to “Ha ha ha! Orange marmalade has ‘wires’

  1. I`m with your son. I never did like orange marmalade and still don`t, but then spiritual maturity takes many forms. I`m blessed by your posts.

  2. Great analogy! I’m going to remember orange marmalade “wires” for a long time! Thanks!

  3. I love orange marmalade!! And the best kind comes from “darkest Peru” via beloved Paddington bear to London 😉 – My daughter tried it because of Paddington (just watched the hilarious movie in the cinema). She wasn’t crazy about the taste but didn’t complain about the “wires”. Wonderful post.

  4. Good point, but at the same time, true maturity will recognize fresh insight from less experiences (jaded) sources. I have to be careful I don’t squash innocent enthusiasm, but remember that we must all “become as little children.”

  5. Is orange marmalade different there than in the US? I’ve never had orange marmalade before.

  6. Big fan of orange marmalade!

    • I’m sorry I read that first sentence wrong! I thought you were saying they had orange marmalade there and you recently had your son tried out Guatemalan styled orange maramalade!

  7. LOL! Cute analogy! I always feel that most adults underestimate children. If we listen to our children’s views on various topics or reasons why something doesn’t vibe with them, we may have a better understanding and surprisingly, may agree on some point. I guess my point here is we should never dismiss a younger persons thoughts, feelings, etc. just because they are younger. Great post!

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