Don’t give up. A lesson from bubble wrap

bubble wrap

I guess you could call it a speculation bubble.

But when Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes invented bubble wrap in 1957, they were trying to make textured wallpaper. It came out funny-looking, but instead of giving up, they tried to find another application for their invention. Wah-laa! The stuff is the preferred packing protection against breakage. And it’s a lot of fun to pop between your fingers.

The genesis of bubble wrap shows how one things can lead to another. It is also a story of how you can stumble on success serendipitously. But most importantly, it is a story of not giving up. Today’s failures are tomorrow’s successes.

So if your bubble has been burst, don’t wrap it up. Keep giving it a try. You’re bound to hit success sooner or later.

16 responses to “Don’t give up. A lesson from bubble wrap

  1. It is good for packing and I too love to pop it! My dogs don’t like the sound too well though. 😀

  2. Ha! Well now, this just figures! I finally figure out the secret to success and they go and ban bubble wrap. Seriously, they just did that where I live. They’ve also decided to stop making it, having come up with something new and improved.

    I’m chuckling here, but talk about first world problems! I’m murmuring about the loss of bubble wrap. 😉

  3. I had no idea bubble wrap was a happy accident. What a great story!

  4. Great analogy! “Today’s failures are tomorrow’s successes.” Now that’s the truth. Thanks for the encouragement. RT’d!!

  5. “Never give up! Never surrender!” Tim Allen from Galaxy Quest

  6. Mr. Budget, look like you put a little mustard on your reading at my site tonight…and I THANK YOU! I hope you found it rewarding or whatever it is you might have needed/wanted. Any time you want to peruse the archives, please feel free. Lots of topics. Again, THANK YOU for giving me your time tonight!!

  7. It is interesting an original lack of success in one area becomes a blessing in another. As much as Jesus the Son of God tried He could not break through in Nazareth where He grew up. He knew most people there and played with some of them, He made quality furniture for some, Hoped they will accept, value and recognise His Salvation Plan Work for GOD’S Kingdom. Yet, it is the one place Jesus could do no miracle! So He reflected as ‘Mother Hen’ How Influence on Jerusalem might rub off on them. Still, Nazareth is the one place He could not impact and was also asked to leave the Temple. Nazareth’s loss became the greatest gain to whole world. Above all, the Bible says a prophet is not without Honour except in His Own Country and among His Own people. Despite this set back Jesus did not end His Ministry. Like the bubble wrap story though original intended purpose Nazareth was not fulfilled it turned out to be a blessing in disguise so Jesus did not become discouraged or give up on the Gospel message. So, if at first you do not succeed try again. The good news is in the end,”All Israel shall be saved” after time of the Gentiles. Similarly, if particular message or sermon, project etc. does not get through like Jesus move on spiritually to next one. Do not despair or remain fixated in bubble, go on by faith in Jesus Name. God Gives the Increase in His Own Way and Timing. In the end, Jerusalem and Nazareth Will be Saved by Jesus After All so carry on in the Strength of God. Looking up to God, Jesus the Author and Finisher of your faith. If Jesus stayed behind waiting for approval, affirmation, in Nazareth or Jerusalem there would have been no Gospel reaching the whole world today! Jesus’ ‘bubble wrap Nazareth’ helped to open doors for Gentiles to be grafted into GOD’S Covenant with Israel. The question is, Which ‘bubble wrap’ does each have to lay aside to proceed unto next Move of God? Thank you and God bless abundantly.

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    Wonderfully spoken…

  9. Thanks! This is (as all your blogs are) excellent! I shared it on my Facebook Page. God bless you always.

  10. Wow I never knew the story of bubble wrap…reminds me of the story of 3M post-its.

  11. Thank you, much appreciated. God bless you

  12. Sheila Scorziello

    It’s so wonderful that God can turn even our accidents into something good!!


    Hi, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. No pressure. Link as follows :

    Continued blessings, Emma

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