Art out of food

food artJessie Bearden plays with her food.

I was always taught not to play with my food. Maybe that’s why I never became the artist I aspired to be as a child.

Actually I was discouraged from being an artist because I was told you can’t make any money at it.

food-art-1But I rebelled and became a wordsmith, an artist with words.

food art 2God tells us to be like Him; He created. As much a I admire art around the world, none compares to the daily painting God spreads on his canvass of a sunset. None equals the beauty of a flower. Consider the lilies of the field…even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these — Matt. 6:28-29.

I’m going to be a fan of Jessie Bearden, who create surprising portraits out of food. And I’m going to keep writing.

jessie bearden

Jessie Bearden

But I can’t wait to get to Heaven to see the wonders of God’s art there. I admire His beauty everywhere here on Earth.

I bet the artists continue doing their art in Heaven.

12 responses to “Art out of food

  1. The Isaiah 53:5 Project

    Very cool

  2. The True Light!

    A good post! God is the greatest Artist there is…

  3. Amen! God is the Great Creator! He loves the creative process. I bet artists will continue to create in Heaven! Thanks for another great post and the examples of Jessie Bearden’s work!

  4. Amen. One of the great self-evident truths – the existence of creativity is just another proof of the existence of the Creator…

  5. Me too, wasn’t allowed to play with food…. You need to be good at drawing to do pictures like Jessie does. Well and afterwards you can lick it off…. Look at the beautiful world. No artist can compete with God and his creation. He gives us sunset, sunrises and so much more every day , every minute!

  6. hisnamebpraised

    Pretty amazing the talents that God provides each of us. Thanks for stopping by the site and liking the post on Tares. Blessings to you Pastor Ashcraft with a wonderful Lenten season. In His Name, Doug

  7. Beautiful and very talented! I am totally amazed! Blessed with a wonderful gift and is sharing it with others, just what she was put here for.

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