‘The answer to my guilt was not denial but forgiveness’

Intellectual atheist from France comes to Christ. A sticking point was “Why did Jesus have to die?”

I supposed it would be a lot of fun to be an atheist, all that sin with no guilty conscious. But once you know the truth, you can’t run from it. Plus, knowing God is better than any sin.

Don’t get me wrong. I sin. I’m human. I’m not a Christian because I don’t fall into temptation. I am a Christian BECAUSE I fall into temptation. I need a Savior. So do you.

7 responses to “‘The answer to my guilt was not denial but forgiveness’

  1. I reached a similar conclusion when I went to my fiances baptism (the first time I had set foot in a church in 16 or so years). The power of God revealed the truth to me and from that moment on I have tried to dedicate myself to God. I still mess up and like this guy here, I still sin. But I know God is forgiving, and he has brought so much joy to my life that to turn from Him is inconceivable.

  2. Good testimony. By the way the guy interviewing him also has a crazy testimony. Have you heard David Wood’s testimony?

  3. Thanks be to God, the whole of Heaven REJOICES for this SALVATION miracle in Jesus Name. Thank Jesus for revealing the Precious Treasure of God’s Truth you found in Jesus Name for the Truth you know sets you free by the Holy Spirit. God does not like anyone to perish or any to suffer in sin because of lack of True Knowldge of the Word of God and the WORD Jesus Christ our SAVIOUR. We Pray and ask God in Jesus Name for more of such testimonies for His Name Sake and Glory. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amen and Amen. Brilliant! Thanks again.

  5. We all sin…we all need our Savior. That’s the way it will be until we reach the kingdom of heaven! Thanks for sharing this one…

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