Uncle wrestles shark to shore, retrieves arm

Go get it back. Fight for it.


Vance Flosenzier dashed into the water after a shark bit off his nephew’s arm in 2001 at a beach near Pensacola, Florida. He grabbed the 7-foot bull shark by its tail and hauled the wrangling monster to shore. There, a ranger shot the shark in the head and paramedics extracted the arm from its gullet.

Jessie Arbogast passed into coma because of loss of blood, but surgeons were able to re-attach his arm, and when he woke up, it worked. Recovery has been long and slow. But he has his arm, thanks to the guts and courage of an angry uncle.

There are times when the devil rips you off. He steals your joy, your purity, your marriage. Whatever. Don’t cry and wring your hands by the shore. Go and fight, get it back!

12 responses to “Uncle wrestles shark to shore, retrieves arm

  1. That’s ….. amazing ! ! !

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  3. What an incredible story! And what an incredible uncle! A real hero! God bless him and his nephew. I’m sharing this. Thanks so much.

  4. Whoah, that’s very intense

  5. Sheila Scorziello


  6. What courage! I’d bet he didn’t even stop to think! Praise God!

  7. “Never give up! Never surrender!” Tim Allen, Galaxy Quest

  8. The devil will try to eat your soul.

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