Kids love candy, but…

sees-shrimp-005I was one of the boys who said I could live on candy. The chocolate, caramel, gnache created a sensation in my tongue like ecstasy.

But when I went to a birthday party and got a piece of cake that was more frosting than cake, I hit something unfamiliar. It was a dragon cake, and I looked greedily at the slice handed to me. I was lucky because everyone knows that cake is just an excuse to get frosting, right?

To my astonishment, I couldn’t finish it. To my incomprehension, it stopped being delightful. Maybe I was 8 at that party, and I didn’t know about being sugared-out, about overload. I didn’t know you could get too much of a good thing.

dragon cakeCandy is really good when you eat a little. Too much sweet is unbearable.

This generation wants all frosting. Only when we are glutted, unhappy, undelighted, burnt out do we think to put things in their proper proportions.

This is a generation that wants to throw off restrictions (like the Bible) and declare a brave new world with self-formulated morality-lessness.

David Bowie came back to the God he spent most of his life defying. While it sold records, he bragged that he met his first wife while have sex with the same guy. It’s not surprising to me he lost that marriage. As he got older, he changed. He treated his second wife much better, and she stayed with him to the end. All his life he toyed with being an atheist but could never bring himself to fully commit. His intellectual honesty wouldn’t allow him to become a full-blown atheist. Somewhere in the passing of years and onset of cancer he observed grimly: “There are no atheists on the battlefield.”

You can eat all the frosting you want. But it won’t make you happy. Whether you mock dieticians or Christians, your fight is against reality.

Through the years, I’m enjoying more and more healthy eating, salads and the like. Hopefully you can get there.

11 responses to “Kids love candy, but…

  1. Excellent post and keen logic. Just wondering, however, about Bowie. There is nothing I read about Him actually asking Christ into his life. I read, too, that “he had come back to God,” but if not in Christ, no salvation. Do you know if Bowie made a confession of Christ? Much thanks!

  2. Sweet post! (pun intended)

  3. What can I say? You simply write amazing blogs. Thanks! I’m sharing yet again. This is too good not to share as far as it will go. God bless you and continue to give you inspiration to feed your awesome writing talent.

  4. Good truth, but you do need to grammar-check your work carefully. Blessings.

  5. the message of the post rings true…didn’t know Mr. Bowie.

  6. “self-formulated morality-lessness”, now there’s a great phrase!

  7. Great post, love the analogy!

  8. Ah, sweet balance! Bring me there.

  9. Chocolate is one of the many ways God says “I love you!” I did not know this about David Bowie, but am very glad to hear it! As to self-gratification, we should seek to gratify others first. We will then find ourselves gratified. We’ll run a surplus. This is well-timed for both of us, as that’s the theme of my post today!

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