Don’t let them destroy your dream

dreamsPeople are nasty. You have a dream, and they want to destroy it. You must guard your heart against evil people. Don’t let them assassinate your vision, your self belief. Hold on to your dream and pursue. Believe in yourself and in God. He will make a way.

Original image from Pinterest.

6 responses to “Don’t let them destroy your dream

  1. So true! So real. Hang on to those dreams and give them to God to hold when they are slipping out of your hands. He never fails.

  2. I was not the one who bombed your dream was I? I feel I may have said something wrong on my blog. Tell me it is just paranoia or not. I am reality testing.I love your blog by the way.

      • It is kind of strange I suppose. I tend to think without logic at times and have these intuitive leaps that do not make sense to the people around me. I just felt that you were being out of character by describing people as nasty and I feel I am that way so I assumed as I have with others who read my blog and have made comments on their blogs that seem to fit my self-conscious theories that you might be referring to me. No harm intended. Like I say I have paranoid thoughts if not outright schizophrenia so I have to test reality. I assume you agree with me that Christ is the true reality. God bless and thanks for the likes.

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