Want more

want more

We are the “want more” generation. There are those fighting the uphill battle of the simplified life counter culture movement.

And we think we are simply entitled to whatever luxuries and blessings free of charge because we are Americans — or whatever the basis is.

Meanwhile, the free gift of salvation is despised and ignored. We don’t want Heavenly riches; we want earthly ones! We can’t be happy without them, and we have someone to blame if we don’t get them — because the whole society was “set up to benefit” only the richest. Or so they say.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not Trump supporter.

*Picture from Pinterest.

5 responses to “Want more

  1. Good point. Here in the Western world the majority of us live better than the kings and queens of old, even when we are in poverty. We are immeasurably blessed, hot and cold running water, electricity, food, cars to drive. In the olden days even those who had money were forced to ride camels, the average life expectancy was 45, and the most common cause of death was dysentery.

    • I would like to point out that average life expectancy is just that, an average of the years people lived. While infant mortality was incredibly high, if one survived infancy, they could be expected to live about as long as we do today. But yes, we have it much better than kings of old.

  2. The spirit of entitlement is part of today’s problems.

  3. What a time we live in, we have more than many people of previous generations, and we in the west even have more than those of our generation, but it never satisfies…
    Only wanting God more satisfies!

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