When good guys fight each other, something is very wrong


I admit: I’m not schooled in the intricacies of superheroes fighting among themselves, but the core of my being finds this repulsive Good guys are not supposed to fight good guys

So too, when the church fights among themselves, it’s a tragedy.

Some Christians fight over ministry. Others let personality conflicts prevail. These are wrong-headed approaches to church. First, God describes the church as a physical body without redundancy. Every part of the body has its valuable function They eye cannot say to the nose that it is superior.

Secondly, you can always go out and CREATE new ministry. As long as there are unsaved souls on the planet, there cannot be a limited number of ministerial positions.

Thirdly, Christ told us the greatest among us should be the servant of all. Usually, there are ministries in the church that need workers. I myself have taken up the cleaning ministry.

Fourth, church members who believe they have the gift of criticism are more Pharisees that Christians. Stop finding fault with what your brother is doing, and do something yourself to build up the church or add members.

I’m sure someone somewhere can explain to me the plot of Superman fighting Batman and how this makes sense. But can anyone anywhere explain why Christians fight in the church?

21 responses to “When good guys fight each other, something is very wrong

  1. The gift of criticism is one of the most common it seems many have been given it

  2. sometimes wisdom is disguised, when we find fault, it’s often an attempt to move a situation along, people become complacent, it happened in many church’s, and forced the changes that came along later, thanks for the post, actually superman fighting batman, i don’t get it either, maybe it was a woman they both desired, who jnows, probably, some movie executive seeking controversy and your dollars, amen

  3. Amen! Let’s start working together for God’s Kingdom rather than always bring people down with our words and actions! Let’s look like Christ rather than world.

  4. Not enough love.. love is the secret ingredient. God is love…so more Jesus 🙂

  5. The gift of criticism! 😂

  6. I have been disgusted by people who are supposed to be on the same side privately and publicly degrading one another. I stopped attending the local pastors fellowship because all I heard was criticism of other pastors and ministries. It is not edifying, and I left depressed. I have since found better company – those who see the bigger picture.

  7. In regards to point four, there is nothing wrong with criticism. Criticism provides correction, instruction, discussion, better understanding, etc. Without it, every wind if doctrine and false teaching would be blindly accepted. Disagreement is a good thing because it leads to edification and understanding. Good discernment is incredibly important to the Christian. If a brother calls you out on your doctrine, don’t rebuke him. Find out why. Perhaps you’re wrong or perhaps he is wrong, but at least you’ll both come to better understanding.

    • I’m a big believer in correct doctrine. I’m not a big believer in people playing king of the mountain at church, putting others down to climb up on top. I was definitely not referring to you voicing your concerns on my blog but rather a sickening sight where people turn the kingdom of God into a popularity contest and tell the Head Pastor all sorts of lies about you in order to be on top of you. As far as I’m concerned, let them be on top. But I’m also concerned the church show the love of Christ. If we don’t show love, we are failing Christ in an essential point.

  8. Brilliant! My husband is a minister. His job would be a lot less stressful without those who believe they have the ministry of criticism and who spend their time tearing others down instead of building others up and encouraging them as the Bible directs.

  9. This is good! I don’t understand how Superman and Batman can even start fighting each other…but this is a good segway to the problem of Christians infighting.

    • Bruce Wayne witnesses the battle between Superman and Zod and the mass destruction (and very likely, massive casualties) it causes. He sees Superman as one who is reckless and could take over the world on a whim if he so desired.

      In fact, that’s the basic premise of the series, Injustice: God’s Among us. The Joker tricks Superman in to killing Lois Lane, his unborn child, and everyone in Metropolis. Superman flips his lid and murders the Joker. Then he decides he can’t allow crime to ever happen again and takes over the world, forcing everyone to obey him. Some of the Justice League join him, others like Batman fight against him.

  10. Pride and concupiscence I think are pretty strong culprits that keep Christians arguing amongst themselves.

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