Enjoy the ride — even the tough parts

puppy dogI was wondering why life is so difficult (finances, health, other issues), and then I was re-reading Genesis 3. And I said, Oh! That’s why life is a pain in the neck.”

As part of the curse of choosing sin, God cursed the ground and foretold that man would toil with hard labor for all the days of his life. So, that’s why there so much difficulties.

This gave me peace because I realized I was in the norm. This helps me to relax and enjoy life, even with troubles. Reading the Bible brings great wisdom and consolation.

8 responses to “Enjoy the ride — even the tough parts

  1. Ahhhh. You make it sound so manageable.
    I ask for prayer as I am out of work and need to support my family. Thanks.

  2. Did we really need to know good and evil? Was the fruit really that delicious? GAG, what a mess it’s been. Thanks for reminding me that “I’m normal”. Sometimes, even that’s a struggle.

  3. As always, thanks! Shared it. God bless you. Hang on and enjoy that ride! We know where it ends – and that’s awesome!

  4. Thank you, Lord for giving us understanding in difficult times. Thanks for the reminder that the word of God IS where we should run for comfort and clarity. I am reminded of this:

    The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple. – Psalm 119:30 (NIV)

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