Don’t underestimate your impact

little groupsLittle groups have always been the ones to change the world.

The disciples were 11 — and they made the world largely Christian. How many people were on the original Apple team? — and now they are one of the world’s most profitable. The Wright brothers were only two guys — and they flew the first plane.

Maybe your church is small. Don’t count yourself out.

7 responses to “Don’t underestimate your impact

  1. Good encouragement. Praying it holds true for writers, too. God bless, brother. 🙂

  2. Thanks! A great reminder. Am sharing!

  3. Yes look at some other people who made an impact on their own. We are not all like Mother Teresa, but every little kindness and helpfulness goes a long way.

  4. This was very encouraging as a small church pastor.

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