Resurrection faked?

Jesus facebook status resurrected

If you say the resurrection was fabricated, then you must prove:

  1. The disciples had a motive. Usually people make elaborate lies for fame or money — or to cover wrong-doing. But the disciples got persecution and poverty. They lived on the run.
  2. The disciples were incredibly clever to devise the story. The Bible record states the contrary: They (the Jewish leaders) perceived Peter and John were unlearned and ignorant men — Acts. 4:13. Outside of the Bible, Josephus mentions Paul and his academic background. The omission of mention of the disciples is telling. They were fishermen.

If you say the resurrection was fabricated, you are confronted with the fact that the disciples all died for the lie. This would be very strange. You must look at these facts:

  • The Roman Empire (not all died at Roman hands) always gave people the chance to recant and walk free. But the disciples refused to walk free — because they had seen the resurrected Lord and knew they would be resurrected too!
  • Each of the disciples was martyred alone. There was no one there to cheer them on and encourage them to persist in the “lie.”
  • Paul turned from a persecutor of the church to its greatest promoter. Why? Because he personally saw the risen Savior.
  • Christianity prospered despite persecution of death, loss of belongings, imprisonments and beatings. Christians held meetings in unpleasant places (catacombs) and persisted in believing despite huge risk. They did this because either they had seen the resurrected Lord or knew someone who had.

Jesus chocolate eggs

If you say the disciples suffered a collective psychosis, you are confronted the story of Thomas, who wasn’t present when Jesus first appeared to the disciples. So he doubted vigorously. He seemed to want to show himself rational and reasonable; he distances himself from the other disciples. Maybe he regards them as naive or under the influence of extreme emotions. Thomas says, “Unless I put my thumb in his nail wound and my hand into his side wound, I won’t believe.” The next time Jesus showed up, Thomas was there, and he said: “My God and my Lord.”

Actually, the resurrection is the hardest miracle to dismiss in the Bible. It is also one of the biggest reasons to believe in the Bible. The cold, hard evidence inclines in favor of the resurrection being real.

12 responses to “Resurrection faked?

  1. Fabulous! Thank you so much. This, of course, I must share! God bless you and your writing.

  2. We live in the afterglow of the resurrection. Unlike an afterglow that fades over time, this afterglow ought to intensify within us like the power of the rising sun. And why should this be the case? Because with each passing day, the day of redemption and regeneration of our physical bodies is drawing closer. Today, I’m one day closer to seeing my resurrected Lord face to face.

  3. thanks for sharing! So true and thought provoking. I loved the cartoon! So thankful for Sunday morning!!!

  4. Another fact in support of the Resurrection that I read a while back; the Romans were in charge of the tomb. They had a guard stationed right there to ensure no tampering or tricks. If Jesus didn’t arise, they could have proved it by showing the body they were essentially in possession of.

    Great review! I especially like your comments on Thomas trying to be rational!

  5. Reblogged this on Faith.Hope.Love and commented:
    My Weekly Featured Blog comes from Mustard Seed Budget Ministries. It is called “Resurrection Faked?”. The blogger made excellent points to prove Jesus’ resurrection was real and is still real to us today! The blog is more of a teaching. It is a good read!

  6. Great post! I re-blogged it so my readers could read it!

  7. True or not a resurrection is available to each of us when we accept the invitation of Jesus. I’ll let others argue the topic.

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