Heaven is real

castle in clouds

One day I´ll be there. Will you?

My dad is in a transitional care facility. He had fallen and broken his hip. He was transferred from the hospital to here. He was in a lot of pain last night. He’s 88.

I’m face to face with our body’s breakdown and mortality. We all expect a long life, but no one has a guarantee. Are you ready to go to the Heaven God made for you because He wants to enjoy friendship with you for all of eternity?

9 responses to “Heaven is real

  1. I thank God for sending His Son who saved me almost 30 years ago. I pray that God will give you grace, peace, and comfort and relief to your dad.

  2. Considering that my father “graduated” at 64, and I’m already 67, this is something I’ve thought about a great deal. There’s much more I’d like to do here, but any time He’s ready, I am!

  3. advocarebylori

    Praying for you and your family right now. Personally, I can’t wait to get to Heaven!

  4. Sorry about your Dad, but so thankful that it doesn’t end here with this life. God bless you and your entire family.

  5. I know how you feel, just came from my mum who is almost 90 and in a Christian home and we had a lovely time together. It is so important for me to see her when I can. She is ready but very thankful that she could live to 90, which she never expected, so she says. By the way the picture is beautiful, it is a castle near my hometown in Germany and I have been there quite often. Lovely to see it here, thank you!

  6. Hope your dad’s recuperation is smooth!
    It’s rough to watch our parents grow old :-/ ♥ ❤

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