Far from my wife on her bday

IMG_9800There wasn’t a good time to come to Guatemala. First we determined Hosea would come with me, so we had to renew his passport. Then we looked for cheap tickets. The result? We are missing Dianna’s birthday?

We celebrated it early. Di likes Chinese, Rebekah Japanese, I Mexican, Rob red meat and Hosea Idk. So we opted for middle ground: Italian. That’s how we celebrate at the Ashcraft house.


Italian food was the compromise.

I am currently in Guatemala, preaching the gospel. There are sacrifices for serving God. But these sacrifices are better than the sacrifices in the world: parents who sacrifice their kids for money, for example.

Still, I’m missing her.

6 responses to “Far from my wife on her bday

  1. I love those two photos.

  2. Happy birthday to her. May God give her the grace to celebrate many, many more years in the name of Jesus Christ

  3. Italian is good! Happy Birthday, Di! May you soon be together again. My best friends Don & Kathleen Ashcraft were missionaries in Guatemala with the Friendships Ministries until Don developed bone cancer. May God bless you and your ministry. Thanks for your brilliant posts.

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