A breaking heart keeps me going


We meet the need as a Christian school in Guatemala

Some of the kids come from excellent Christian homes. Many do not.

Their dads are in prison for 30-year sentences. They have no last name because parents disowned them and the system has failed them. They’ve been kicked out of homes and fallen into gangs. They’ve had to work from age 4.

Somehow, they come to the Liceo Bilingüe La Puerta Christian school in Guatemala, and we try to get God involved in their lives. And sometimes it works. One of our students dumped the gang and got the college degree. Another pursued art instead of violence. One guy cut the womanizing and became a family man.


Liceo Bilingüe La Puerta en Guatemala ministers to troubled teens (not pictured)

The need is so great. How can I work for my own personal comfort? How can I dedicate effort to church politicking. Please. There are more urgent things in life.

The Door School in Guatemala is going on its 20th year. It still struggles to make ends meet. Meanwhile it helps sinner and Savior meet.

7 responses to “A breaking heart keeps me going

  1. Thanks for sharing this story with all of your readers. I know I take my life here for granted so many times. This is so good to read and also to see how God is changing lives!

  2. Mi esposa es Centroamericana.
    When I behold the massive misery, illiteracy, superstition, corruption, the garbage-strewn poverty, the exploitation and the public-health nightmare that is Central America, I pray that God might intervene. Soon.
    Spain and the U.S. share significant blame.

    They need a Protestant Reformation as great or greater than the 1500’s.
    They need doctrinally stable Evangelical Christianity (not more Charismania and whacked-out Pentecostalism). Central America is sad. So much potential and such utter mismanagement. A Garden of Eden gone wrong.
    The people are warm-hearted but the suffering can extinguish this in some.
    I pray for true revival in Central (and South) America.

  3. God Sees Everything

    Keep up your great work – reaching out and connecting with these kids. You will all be blessed.

  4. I’ve been a small part of a Christian ministry called Friends of Russian Orphans, and have seen first-hand how Christian intervention and help can change lives. On the off-chance it might give you any ideas, here’s the link: http://fororphans.org/

  5. What a blessing. If only the world would quit fighting and start saving the folks who are here and need help. Thank God for The Door School. May He provide for their every need.

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