The High and Mighty dwells with the lowly of heart


After going 16 chapters of pure encouragement (40-55), Isaiah retakes the issue of Israel’s sin: His watchmen are blind… they are greedy dogs… Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine. (verses 10-12). In the previous chapters, Isaiah has lifted his prophetic vision beyond the immediate future to a time of a return from exile. But now it seems he looks even further into the future, into the time when Jesus is born and the Jewish leadership is corrupt.


Then comes what is arguably the greatest gem of the entire book: Thus says the High and Lofty One that inhabits eternity, whose name is holy: I dwell in the high and holy place, and with him of contrite and humble spirit to revive him. — Isaiah 57:15. This verse is more than just a passing comment. It seems a crowning moment for a book that has been fascinated with up and down from Isaiah 6 onward (in which the prophet sees God high and lifted up in His heavenly temple). The paradox of dwelling on high and on low at the same time works the power of the sonnet’s concluding couplet.

All this is to say that humility is crucial in Christianity. You must be humble to even receive salvation, to believe in Jesus. And we must remain humble ever afterward. If we go prideful, we go without God. Stay humble, and He stays with us.

11 responses to “The High and Mighty dwells with the lowly of heart

  1. I was wondering – what is the reference to a sonnet in the above post?
    Do they mean there is a sonnet form contained in the Hebrew prophecy of Isaiah?

  2. Few things are more important than humility.

  3. America has a HUGE problem in this department, as does the rest of the world. When a man or woman “makes it” in life and obtains what many consider to be success, how often they become big headed and say, “Well, nobody helped me” or “I did it ALL myself” or “I made it on my own WHY can’t you”??? Or “I WORKED for everything I got”. These “successful” people are TOTALLY prideful and arrogant individuals, but yet God continues to BLESS these types of people for what reason I’ll NEVER know.

    • I have faced variations of these same quotes. It can be discouraging bc it gives the idea that you are not right with God bc you don’t have the same $ as others. when i went on the mission field, it was like “cool.” when i got off the mission field, people were like, “what’s wrong with you? why don’t you have any money?”

  4. Brilliant–as always! My favorite part is this: “And we must remain humble ever afterward. If we go prideful, we go without God. Stay humble, and He stays with us.” So real, so true. Thanks!

  5. Humility opens us up to His clarity, which we desperately need.

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