Don’t fret for perfection

Paper Plane

Just let her fly.

Step up to the edge and give the paper airplane a gentle launch out into the vast expanse of air in the cliff.

Too many never throw the plane. They worry about wind, design, durability, humidity, and so they choke with overthinking. Remember Hamlet. Waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect plan, he never could exact revenge of the killer of his father. He froze from fear.

This is one lesson I’ve learned. You’ll never get your life gliding if you don’t try to fly. Hey, if the plane crashes, you can get another piece of paper and re-fold. Try again. What’s the loss?

Perfection is never achieved on the first attempt. It comes after 1,000 attempts.

Sometimes leaders are afraid to delegate, to release disciples into ministry. They’re too afraid they’ll mess up.

I’ve never thought of myself as having great talent or intellect. But I certainly can try to compete against the best. And in so striving, I’m aiming for a great flight.


7 responses to “Don’t fret for perfection

  1. Thanks! This post was a confirmation to me!

  2. NASA’s Apollo program didn’t succeed because they did the best job they possibly could. They made JFK’s deadline to reach the moon by doing everything so it was good enough. That’s all. Not one second or penny more. If the Germans had had their way, Von Braun included, we’d still be waiting for the perfect ship!!

    Better is the enemy of Good goes the old saying.

  3. Well written and helpful post. It’s easy to overthink a decision/action. Thanks for a good motivation.

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