Valley Boy Pastor


I never imagined I would return to the San Fernando Valley. My childhood memories there were mostly not pleasant. I went to college at UCLA, to church in Santa Monica and then to my mission in Guatemala. I only visited the Valley to see my dad.

Now, I’m apartment-managing in Van Nuys, with hopes to starting a church. The welcome in the complex has been heartening. There’s an Egyptian family that’s hooked me up with falafel. Mmmmmm.

The community belongs to the immigrants. Everybody has at least two jobs. These are hard-working, decent people, and it is my joy to share Christ with those who don’t know Him. I’ve been there for a week and half. Your prayers are appreciated for this project.

In our group of churches (Christian Fellowship Ministries), we call this sort of venture “pioneering.” It’s an apt description for a start-up church because you start with no resources other than your own hard work and prayer. You toil long hours to raise up an established church. I saw God do it once for me in Guatemala. This would be the second venture.

16 responses to “Valley Boy Pastor

  1. How wonderful you are “pioneering.” You are following in the footsteps of the Apostles. May God bless your work with the Holy Spirit. May the people around you have hearts opened by the Holy Spirit and have eyes to see and ears to hear. I pray all the people around you will see the love God has for them. May they come to him and find peace and joy.

  2. This is wonderful! I look forward to following your adventure. Yes, you are in my prayers. How long were you in Guatemala?

  3. Blessings on you! May our Lord give you wisdom and strength as you allow His love and grace to flow through you in Van Nuys.

  4. May God bless you with every success and with all provision and joy.

  5. I hear echoes of St. Paul and the other apostles, reading this. You work hard, going only on the faith that God will not waste your efforts of love on his behalf. Whether missionary in another country or apartment managing, you move ahead to your next calling. St. Paul certainly had frustrations and day to day problems, supporting himself as a tent-maker AND ministering to others; two full time jobs!

    Your ministry will certainly bear fruit as did the work of the apostles and countless missionaries before you!

  6. Marhaba, Assis Mike! (Hello, Pastor Mike). Falafal! Halwah kiteer (very delicious). If they are Egyptian, you should be introduced to fool madamas pretty soon (slow cooked fava beans, with olive oil, lime, cumin, salt; served with onions, tomatoes, pita bread). This is the Egyptian national dish. Considered a “poor man’s” meal, they may not offer it to a new American friend right away. Be sure to ask. It is Victor’s breakfast every day.

    We will quickly get to the length and breadth of my Arabic at this rate, but I am happy to hear of your pioneering spirit finding a field to start a new work. Call me and let’s see if I can send you any of Victor’s books or lead you to other resources.

    Mabrouk (Congratulations/ Well done)!

  7. Wow praise God on your “return” to the Valley.

  8. Praying for God’s plans for you to continue to succeed and many lives will be changed. From an old Valley Girl, been years since I have been back. Out in Texas now, but good to see what God is doing in a place I grew up.

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