Image isn’t everything

pure heart

People of this world focus on the exterior: makeup, facials, liposuction, fancy clothes, hot cars. Models are paid premium, and then not even they are good enough but have to be improved on Photoshop.

They say the heart is nothing. It’s inside. No one sees it. You can dirty up your heart with sin all you want — and don’t judge me for it. Look how beautiful I am on the outside.

But rust on the inside works it’s way out. Prince died of drug abuse. So much for all the adulation.

God tells us to not suppress the pricks of conscience that he has placed inside. You feel bad. You can’t sleep. You have a happy exterior, but inside you’re rotting.

You’ll only get peace from Jesus.


9 responses to “Image isn’t everything

  1. Marisa Ulrich


  2. Yes! Amen! Hallelujah!! “Who may ascend my holy hill? Those with clean hands and a pure heart”

  3. Preach it brother!

  4. You are correct brother. Ezekiel 32:27 says, “They are gone down to Sheol… and their iniquities are upon their bones.”

  5. Amen! Jesus is peace. You are so right about Prince & about the falseness of dressing up the outside instead of working on the heart. Thanks. I’m sharing.

  6. đŸ™‚ Lovely post and so true and encouraging. We all can be reminded to focus on the inside!

  7. amen. that pure beauty inside shines the brightest. đŸ‘¸

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